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A UK wide survey was carried out to test the demand for a national SET community membership organisation, and received strong endorsement of the four key potential activities. Since that time we have been exploring options for funding such a community, and are keeping subscribers to our newsletter updated on progress.

In the interim, we’ve been supporting exciting events such as the PassionIT global initiative. Many UK role models volunteered to participate and capture their everyday life to help inspire others to pursue a career in technology, and we thank them for sharing their stories and their passions.

From sunrise in Antarctica to sunset in Hawaii – spanning a 44 hour day we followed the lives of 36 women in technology across the globe.

The end result – the “Doing IT Around the World Album Series” and the “August 11 – A Day in the Life of Diary” tells amazing real life stories and is a great educational tool for school children. It’s also a motivational tool for women in the industry to help address the issue of retaining women in the technology, by demonstrating the multiple career paths and geographic locations that women with technology skills can and do take up.

Four of the potential activities of a national network were consistently supported:

  1. Supporting participation of girls in science, engineering and technology.
  2. Provision and promotion of career and personal development training.
  3. Meeting other women scientists, engineers and technologists, enabling women to share experiences and knowledge, for example, strategies for work-life balance or coping in a male-dominated environment.
  4. An independent, national voice for women in science, engineering or technology with which to influence public policy, employers and public perceptions.





Be inspired by these albums capturing the lives of technology role models from across the globe.

Doing IT around the World


National Policy Centre for Women’s Enterprise Evidence Paper. 2009


Inspirational videos from Prowess

Featuring five women who have started businesses in Science, Engineering, Construction and Technology (SECT).