Our Aims

VOICE: Giving women engineers, scientists and technologists a national voice and communications channel with which to influence public policy, employers’ policies and public perceptions.

ADVANCEMENT: Improving the empowerment and participation of women at senior levels in academia, industry and enterprise.

INFORMATION: Providing relevant and timely news, resources, case studies, and positive images of the achievements of women scientists, engineers and technologists.

NETWORKING: Enabling more peer-to-peer support by helping women to meet in person and through online discussion fora. Through the building of relations, increasing knowledge exchange and reducing the barriers between industry, enterprise and academia.

TRAINING: Promoting career and personal development training. Facilitating access to and awareness of the multitude of small initiatives and acting as a hub for these organisations. Identifying and addressing gaps in provision, particularly at local levels.

PARTICIPATION: Encouraging fuller participation of women in science and technology by identifying and addressing obstacles. Increasing and sustaining the involvement of young women in SET activities through interaction with schools, colleges and universities.

COMMUNICATION: Using technology to add value to, and improve interactivity between, networks and individuals, and achieve a high quality of ongoing dialogue with all parties.